Parallel Designs


Parallel Design – 5/18/2014      Page 206                                                                    1.  A Creative Design in which  three or more groupings of plant material and other (optional) components are placed in a strong parallel manner in a single container, on a base, or both. Multiple containers / bases may be used if combined so as to appear as one   unit.

a.   Parallel direction may be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal, based on schedule or at discretion of exhibitor, within allotted space.

b.   Only the overall effect must appear parallel, for components within each grouping need not be precisely equidistant from components in adjacent groupings.

c.   Open space (voids) between each grouping is vital to success.

2.   All groupings may be of same plant materials, varied combinations of selected plant materials, or different plant material, plus other components as desired.

3.  A  connective/s may be used to unify the design.

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