Capitol Judges Council

2017-2019 Chairman is Frankie Raymond                                                        please contact her for further information

Meetings are held on Tuesdays– set-up  9:00 AM                              Meeting starts at 10:00 AM                                        Location: Granite Bay Raley’s Community Room

Next Meeting : Tuesday, April 16, 2019   9-12 noon

Program: Chapter 10  – Botanical Arts: New Handbook Review
Mary Arakelian will introduce highlights from Chapter 10 Botanical Arts in order to open a discussion among the judges.

 Design : Grouped Mass Design
Title: “The More the Merrier”

Class 1:  Bulbs, Tubers, Rhizomes  1 stem per entry
Class 2: Flowering branches
Class 3: Any other

Tuesday, June 18, 2019  9-12 noon

Program: This is our planning meeting for next year. Bring a list of designs along with titles that could be used and suggestions for programs. Plan on an “end of year” lunch at Raley’s Deli following the Meeting.   Installation of Officers

Design: Framed Spatial Design
Title: “All Hung Up”

Class 1: Hydrangeas
Class 2: Tree or Shrub branch w?fruit, berries or nuts
Class 3: Any other

Location:  Granite Bay  Raley’s Community Room   Granite Bay Raley’s                                                             6845 Douglas Blvd.  Granite Bay  95677                                                   916-791-8000